Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Re-posting "Showering on Yom Tov" rules

Here are a few links regarding the rules for taking a shower on a Yom Tov (major holiday) that doesn't occur on Shabbat (Sabbath). I'm sorry that I forget to re-post this before Rosh HaShanah.

Hmm, maybe I'll take Rabbi Hausman up on his interpretation--his opinion is that shampooing on a Yom Tov that doesn't coincide with Shabbat is permissible. Now, if only I could figure which opinion to follow regarding the comb-vs.-brush question--some rabbis say that using a soft brush is permissible but using a comb is not (see 34. Shearing), whereas others say that using a comb is permissible, but using a brush is not. Alternatively, I could just decide that, since my purpose in using either one is to look good, not to remove hairs, I'll just ignore the fact that hairs get removed by accident and use both.

Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday)! Here's hoping that we don't get soaked in our sukkot during Sukkot.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011, AM update:
I tried just combing my hair after shampooing this morning, without using my round brush at all. Much to my pleasant surprise, I was able to make my hair look almost as presentable without the brush as with it. So I'll stick to Rabbi Hausman's p'sak (ruling concerning halachah/Jewish religious law) and use only a comb for tomorrow and Friday. I still can't figure out whose p'sak to follow for Shabbat, though.


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